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Andy Bull is an Australian alt-pop-singer, songwriter and producer, based in Sydney. Here is the story behind his great new single “Keep On Running” – and don’t miss to listen to his earlier tracks. This guy is amazing!

What was the inspiration behind Keep on Running?

Keep on Running is a song about a person who can’t reconcile their desire for both authenticity and approval. One is always out of reach of the other. He knows he on dubious quest but can’t seem to help himself.

What was the process of writing and recording?

It started with the drum track which was actually just an idea I’d recorded with Carlos Adura (of Deep Sea Arcade fame). The beat was played loosely but it still had momentum, it kind of pushes and pulls on the timing. Carlos is great.

I had this thought that if you try to swim in a “sea of approval”, you can’t stay afloat forever. All the other words flowed along behind that idea and that’s what drove the song, the parts, everything. I played some big warm analog synth and guitars parts, but tried to keep it all pretty simple – I avoided big reverbs and stuff that would make it seem too lofty or impersonal. I didn’t want to polish it, because its a song about feeling like a trash bag. It was all written and recorded in one day. In fact, most of it was recorded at the moment it was improvised.

It’s quite a different sound to your previous works, how did you come upon it?

Like i said, a lot of it just happened in the moment, but to be fair, the moment has been a while in development. After the Phantom Pains EP came out in 2010, I did a whole heap of touring with my band, and a lot of new ideas came out of those shows – it was a really creative and exciting time. We broke a lot of old rules, and tried a lot of new ideas – all with the idea of making those songs sound more human, not less. Warm, fuzzy, detuned sounds, stuff like that. The musical landscape is very inspiring right now; there’s a lot of amazing stuff to draw from, and a lot of reason to just confidently share your passions whatever they happen to be. After a few years in the wild, it seems like a new beginning, and a really good place to be.

Furthermore, the track was completely produced on your own …

This is the first time I’ve released a song that I’ve produced just on my own, so that gives stuff a certain character, because its layer on layer of one person’s instincts. Its often practically challenging to work this way, because you have multiple roles to play – like you have to be creator and editor – but it’s also quite liberating, because you can run a long way with an idea. I’ve always admired pop auteurs; Todd Rundgren, Prince, Shuggie Otis, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Joseph Mount of Metronomy, David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors, James Blake, etc, loved the unique worlds they create. It takes some confidence and patience, but I’m really happy to be doing it this way, and just completely thrilled to be part of what I consider to be a kind of golden musical age of accessibility and participation.



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