The Pass – Melt


Today I have to ask you to do me a little favor. There are four guys from Louisville, Kentucky, or more specifically they are half from Jersey and half from Kentucky: Will Roberts, Kyle Peters, Brian Healey and Neil Lucas. And guess what they’re doing when they’re not just hanging around and hugging each other like on the photo above?! They are playing in a band which is called “The Pass”.

Okay, okay, I hear you brainiacs saying but what is about the favor you asked for, Werner? Just wait a second and let me tell you a little bit more about “The Pass”. Their debut, the five song EP “Colors”, was released in February 2010 followed by their first full-length album later that year.

In November 2012 they released their second album “Melt” and this is where we get to the point, this is where I need you and your money. Your money? Yes, your fucking money! The simple favor I ask you for is to take the laughable amount of 8$ out of your bank vault and buy this masterpiece of an album on their bandcamp page instead of purchasing some other silly stuff like rubber boat patches or an ugly yellow flowerpot. And – this is important – do it now! Don’t hesitate! It’s worth every cent. Trust me! Just once and I’ll never ask you for a favor again …

… perhaps.

You asked for my favorite track? No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway:  Halo – it’s just a brilliant pop anthem which itself is worth the eight bucks.

Convinced? Deal? Go for it!



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