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In this completely digitalized times it’s refreshing to have a few bands and labels going back to where it all began for most of us: back to analog – recording cassette tapes. Push the button and play – this is how Claus Frøhlich from Denmark records his lo-fi songs as YOUNOLOVEBUNNY on a simple 4 track recorder. He recorded hundreds of songs, self-released dozens of tapes and CDRs over the years and just gave his stuff away at shows, for friends or even to the local library. His new album “Happy Nation II” is the first release available to those outside this special circle of insiders – on tape it contains 14 tracks, including 9 only-on-cassette songs plus 30-minutes of secret music on the B-side. And if you really should need it digital – you can even buy the 5 track EP version on itunes… Claus was so kind to answer our questions on his music and even provided us with a bunch of video links to his favorite music, don’t miss to check it!

Please introduce yourself – who are you and where do you come from? What is your music about?

I am a Taurus! I grew up in a family where my mom played songs and sang for me and my brother. My dad liked the music in the radio. I live in Denmark and I come from the southern part of Denmark. I think my music is about: Melancholic bread. Eating the ocean. Selling strawberries. Nothing and everything. Cars… Love… Melodies…

You are kind of a one man lo fi DIY band – is this purely born of necessity or part of your musical concept?

I have always created melodies by myself since I was 5 years old. It is so much fun to try to create a melody… making music is my food.

Your label states you wrote 700 songs and self-released about 40 albums! They must be lying. ;) Where is all that stuff??

It is on a hard drive a bunch of CDs and cassette tapes… 8 track reels – on a DVD I did send almost everything to Almost Musique because they asked me for everything I had made. What really surprised/amazed me was that the two owners of the label – The Benjamins – listened through everything and picked their favorites. I think I have ended up at the best label possible! Really sweet people. I have many more demos and stuff – old band stuff with different bands – I basically write a song a day. Before I ended up at Almost Musique I sold my new CD/cassettes at concerts and so on – gave them away. A lot of people have really rare material/home made CDs or cassettes by me everywhere. I really like it this way. My latest record before “Happy Nation II” was called “Ticky Tacky” based on a song called “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds. It came out in one single edition. I published it on the Copenhagen Library and you can borrow it here. If you have a danish library card. Its fun to do it this way. I make music because its fun ! ! !!

Please tell me about your video to “Attention” – as I understand, you used footage from a danish sci fi cyperpunk independent movie from the 80s that almost feels like some kind of “Matrix” predecessor? How did you come around that movie?

I work with the director of the film who is an animator today, Jan Erling Budde. He made the film in the 80´s with a very low budget and the actors are friends and family. He filmed it with a super 8 camera without batteries. I just love this! I also love the quality of the film and I think it fits very well to my 4 track recording of “Attention”. And YES! The movie is way ahead of its time.

Your label releases “Happy Nation II” on cassette and digital. Do you still use cassettes for your self-releases? Why do you hang on to this analog medium in this totally digitalized times?

I think it is much more fun to record on tape! I love making music. I love to push the record button. I love the simplicity and lack of super cool vintage effects. I love the sound of tape so much more than the digital sound. With digital recorders you spend soo much time perfecting the sound with equalizers and extra tracks – too many tracks… With my tape recorder it just sounds perfect every time I record. I just feels right.

Which bands or musicians are your biggest influences?

My first CD was “Happy Nation” of “Ace of Base” and after that I got a CD with a danish band called “Gangway”. I managed to convince my mom to go with me to a festival to see them when I was 12. I still have their autographs… It is still one of the greatest bands in existence in my opinion and the songwriter in the band – Henrik Balling – he is my all time hero. Here’s a medley – klick the YouTube link.
After that I discovered Nirvana and my life changed musically… I knew that I had to make music especially after I listened to their demos and bootlegs… Like this one – klick!

The icelandic band “Botnledja” also has a great influence on me … I didn’t know what they were singing about when I discovered them as a 15 year old boy… BUT IT WAS AWESOME! I love music were you can hear that the musicians are having fun but still are taking the music 180% serious… “Botnledja” is one of those bands. Klick for a video!

THE BREEDERS! “Pinkerton” by “Weezer”, Neil Young .. .
Then I discovered Daniel Johnston by a coincidence and was blown away by the song “You put my love out of the door” from “more songs of pain”.

Lately I felt in love with the american band Micachu and the Shapes.

Scout Niblett, Josephine Foster, Vashti Bunyan, Wormhole – Irish underground scene in the 90´s … Listen to this one – klick!
Soo many… “Ween”

You self-released a lot of music, now you are with a “real” label, but STILL your new music is for free on soundcloud – and sold on cassette and itunes. Why no CD or vinyl release? Why are you giving away your music for free?

Who wants to buy music today? I think musicians forget to ask themselves if they would like to buy the music themselves. I think it is great with the internet and that everyone can get all the songs in the world in their palms. The world should be a better place actually right now! I think that the scenario with good music accessible everywhere is the dream of the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s… I would like to get money for my art! When people buy the cassette tape they get 1 hour of music and special designed artwork – a piece of art! I want people to get the tape. I think digital music is a little boring. It is not free anymore by the way!!

What musicians would you hire for your dreamband to play on your dream album? We can even resurrect dead musicians for you!

Scout Niblett – vocal guitar
Emi Morimoto (Shonen Knife) on drums
Tom Araya (Slayer) on bass and backing vocals

What was the first album you really really loved?

“Gangway” – “Happy ever after”. When I was 10 or so.

What are your all time top 5 favorite albums?

It changes from time to time. .. At the moment it is:

1. The Breeders – Title TK
2. Daniel Johnston – More songs of pain
3. Eggs – Teen Beat Exploder 96
4. The Vaselines – The Way of the Vaselines
5. The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin

What do you want to achieve as a musician?

Have fun and hopefully inspire someone to do the same thing!

What would you like to sing in a karaoke bar?

“I cum blood” by “Cannibal Corpse”. Even though I can’t sing it right… On the “Happy Nation II” cassette I sing a karaoke version of “Tomorrow – Annies Song” From the Musical “Annie”. I rare go to karaoke bars… Maybe I should go and stop hating them. Yes!

What are you going to do NEXT?

Read a book



Listen to the album “Happy Nation II” here:

Buy the cassette on the homepage of the label Almost Musique here!


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