Spleen United – Interview

Danish synthrockers SPLEEN UNITED mix thunderous big beats with euphoriastic acidrave – read in our interview why they threw away their guitars and how they survived 24 hour-concerts from sunset to sunset!


Please tell us something about history of Spleen United – who are you, and how long have you been making music together?

Spleen United is a 4-piece band from Copenhagen existing for almost 10 years now.

How did the sound of your band develop over the years? How would you describe your music?

We started out with a bunch of guitars as most bands did ten years ago. We had one synth though. After a couple of months the synth started to be the center of our creativity and most of our ideas were derived from this machine. Our bass player then broke his arm in an attempt to break into his own apartment after losing his keys at some party. He still denies it, but I’m pretty sure this mission was fueled by loads of wine. Anyway, we bought a synth for the basslines because we had our debut show booked within the next month or so. We started getting into the sound of more than one synth and bought two more. Since then we’ve been driven by experimenting with instruments we do know how to control. I think that being able to replace and deconstruct the thing we’re good has become the thing we’re best at.
I would describe our music as a mix of Synthesizers, danceable rythms, acidtechno + pop vocals + catchy melodies.

The mighty Flaming Lips released a 24 h song last year – but you beat them by doing 24 hour shows! You recently did a 24 h gig at Roskilde this year – what kind of show was this? How did you come up with this crazy idea – and how do you survive these shows?

The show was unique in the sense that it was more of an experiment with our bodies and minds than playing solid music to an audience. We started at 8 PM in the evening and finished the thing at 8 PM the following day. The idea was to push ourselves into a trancelike state of mind. We succeeded in doing so and we had some very fine moments during this thing were everything felt like pure blizz. It feels like your mind gets detached from your body and starts interacting with the instruments and the logic of the sounds in a new way. Obviously we also felt claustrophobic and depressed at times.

How did you come up with your bandname – the word “spleen” has so many meanings – did you ever decide for one ;) ?

A common misunderstanding is that “spleen” means a “tick” or that it refers to the human organ which it doesn’t – not directly anyway. In ancient Greece they believed that four bodily fluids affected behavior. Black gall that came from the Spleen represented melancholy and thus “spleen” became synonymous with melancholy. ‘Melancholy’ is the only one we knew when we named the band.

What are your all time top 5 favorite albums?

1. Nevermind – Nirvana
2. Selected Ambient Works 1 – Aphex Twin
3. Home Work – Daft Punk
4. Twin Peaks OST
5. Music has the right to children – boards of canada

Why are you making music? What means music to you?

I don’t really know why, but it’s one of very few things that doesn’t have to make sense. Everything is just something to keep you busy if you really start thinking about it in that way, I guess.

What are you working on, what are your plans and dreams for Spleen United in the future?

Making a chill out album. But let’s see about that tomorrow…


SPLEEN UNITED just released a self titled EP, the album “School Of Euphoria” will be out on Nov 16.
Listen: their new single version of “Euphoria” is featuring Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes!

SPLEEN UNITED on Tour in Denmark and Germany:

22.11.12 Voxhall, Århus, DK
23.11.12 Skråen, Ålborg, DK
24.11.12 Kulturmaskinen, Odense, DK
29.11.12 Vega, København, DK
01.12.12. Vershuset, Næstved, DK
16.01.13 Studio 672, Cologne, Ger
17.01.13 SpeakEasy, Stuttgart, Ger
18.01.13 Nachtleben, Frankfurt, Ger
19.01.13 Glashaus, Bayreuth, Ger
22.01.13 Hafenkneipe, Zurich, Ger
23.01.13 Rote Sonne, Munich, Ger
24.01.13 Kantine Berghain, Berlin, Ger
25.01.13 Volksbad, Flensburg, Ger
26.01.13 Uebel & Gefährlich (Turmzimmer), Ger




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