Juergen Teller – The Keys To The House

Leaving his home country Germany in the late 1980s to escape from military service, Juergen Teller went to England where here started his career as a professional photographer and where he lives for more than 20 years now.

Teller can be regarded as one of the most productive and creative photographers of our times. Although the ones who may not be well versed in his work may not see more than ordinary snapshots in his photographs and even though Juergen Teller loves to stage himself in an easygoing manner, he’s also one of the hardest working photographers with a big bunch of publications and campaigns over the last couple of years. This is just one reason why he really deserves to be called one of the “… member(s) of the holy trinity (along with Terry Richardson and Wolfgang Tillmans) that saved fashion photography from shittiness in the 1990s.” (vice.com)

Juergen Teller has also managed to create a very specific style with his always slightly overexposed or hard-flashed look in his images, which – in combination with his creative ideas and a great sense of composition – gives them a certain kind of artlessness or simplicity to the ingenuous viewer. An impression that’s additionally heightened by his sense of humour which you can find in many of his images.

Don’t do him wrong by judging his images as naive and accidental snapshots! There’s much much more. Juergen Teller is a maniac. He’s possessed, he’s curious, he’s clever and he always makes it to create a very intimate atmosphere his photos. “It usually doesn’t matter whether I spend a month with somebody or five minutes. I sense a certain aura from a person and I automatically change my psychology a little bit so they open up.” (Index magazine)

Unlike many other photographers who maintain a strict divide between their commercial and private work, Juergen Teller has always combined the two.

Indeed this merging is one reason for Teller’s progressive edge and one reason why his audience loves his work. His family and friends have always been part of his work and his latest book can be regarded as another step in this direction.

“The Keys to the House” contains recent photographs of Teller’s life at and around his house in Suffolk: landscapes, portraits of family and friends. But of course Teller’s vision would not be complete without the occasional fashion figure who was entered his personal world – be it Lily Cole floating like Ophelia, or Vivienne Westwood leaning on a red Mercedes Benz.

Welcome to another part of Juergen Teller’s amazing world! Here are the keys to his house. Use them carefully, you may get addicted.


The Keys to the House by Juergen Teller
160 pages
Price: £39.00 / €45.00 / $65.00
Published by Steidl Publication




All images: The Keys to the House by Juergen Teller, published by Steidl / www.steidlville.com



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